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Anna Richardson — who you’ll recognise from The Big Breakfast, Supersize vs Superskinny and The Sex Education Show — will be hosting to help the singletons find love, talking them through every decision.On presenting, Anna said: "Nine times out of ten, people are saying to me, when you actually meet up with that person, they’re nothing like their profile picture, and they’re nothing like the person they’ve made out that they are.and hopefully find love Undressed, which has already been a hit in Italy, launched in the UK on TLC last week.The series sees matched up couples strip one another to their underwear on their first meeting and then jump into bed together.Anyone who doubts the poisonous influence of internet porn has only to watch five minutes of Naked Attraction (C4) to see the damage done.For an entire generation, constant exposure to clinical sexual footage has ripped the soul out of erotic love. God knows Channel Four has broadcast some trash over the years, but this was a new low, degrading everyone involved while exposing how cynical Britain's lovelife has become.Over the years a number of celebrities have graced the covers of magazines naked – from Miranda Kerr's Harper's Bazaar shoot to Rihanna's daring Esquire cover we take a look at the best nude magazine covers ever The show works in stages, revealing more and more of the contestant's flesh in each round, deliberately starting with their ahem... They said this is because, "when you meet people, naturally you look at their face first.

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Think of it as Blind Date in the window of an Amsterdam brothel. Within 5 minutes I found a match named and we instantly connected.We chatted for 5 Hours straight, then exchanged numbers before reluctantly coming offline. 3 years later in September 2015 we got married and are living the dream. Within 5 minutes I found a match named and we instantly connected.Naked Attraction brutally proved that many Britons under 35 regard the human body — any body, male or female — as meat.

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We're often told how open-minded the young are today, that old taboos about race, homosexuality and body shape have been brushed aside.Six potential dates stand naked in frosted glass booths, bathed in coloured neon.

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