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28-Dec-2017 20:34

The only hesitation I had was when I found out it was about the Naked Mile [group-streaking event]! At one point, for the actual Naked Mile race, there are a lot of male and female students standing around — naked — at the starting line.That threw me off a little bit, but I decided [to just go for it]. Have you seen the finished cut of the film? [Laughs] Is it your opinion that this is one of the naughtiest films yet? Tell me, was the weather at least favorable for all of you? There were a few spots where we were chilly, because we were naked all day, but for the most part it was definitely Did the fact that all of you were standing there bare-bodied make it any easier to doff your own duds? I remember looking at my costar and saying, "OK, I don't think I can do this," and she said, "Well have you looked around?" I turn around and there are literally 260 naked people. Who from this cast most impressed you? Kroslak: You know, I've really gotten to know these people a lot, and I would say all of the actors, honestly, are going to be really successful.

Check out also measurements of Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle), Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence.Before Ocean Ave., Candace has appeared in movies such as Soul Survivors and Planet of the Apes.