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But not like this, I can't say you didn't catch me off-guard. But then when I do, when all of us get together...things happen.

You did everything in your power to break me, my trust, us.

By JOHN DORN Anyone who grew up with the Internet in the 1990s is surely familiar with AOL's old instant-messaging chat rooms.

They provided a great chance to chop it up with fellow Internet users about any given topic, well before social media rose to prominence.

For that generation, those rooms housed a great deal of unforgettable banter. Without getting into great detail, the Indiana Pacers center confessed his love for the early Internet goldmines. I used to be in AOL chat rooms a lot causing trouble back when you had dial-up modems. Basketball comes first to me but I also pride myself on being an approachable person online and offline, talking to people when I walk through the mall and stuff like that.

So there's that video, and you're possibly the best NBA player on Twitter. I just tweet a lot of stuff I think is funny, whatever comes to mind.

Not because I am afraid to speak, but I don't want an important discussion to be brushed under the carpet of biased narration. And a few foster cats who I suspect are finally starting to love me back.

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In 19, ARPANET and BBS members gained access to Usenet servers.

The dogs were treated, and reports said the dye came off eventually, and left the dogs unharmed.

So that's what happened, now let's talk about how MESSED UP it is.

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.

In the 1970s and 1980s, access was limited to computers that were part of a university or government network. At first, each online system operated independently from the others.

Many bulletin board systems, Usenet servers and databases moved their operations to the Internet at this time.