Dating old family photographs

04-Feb-2018 18:13

Printed card mount details all provide important historical evidence relating to place and time. If scanning an original photograph, you'll get the best quality image by selecting the area of the picture only and a high resolution – I recommend 600 or 1200 DPI (dots per inch) - before scanning.The video below is a good introduction to some photo scanning options available to you. Try some simple image editing of your digital photographs, or have them professionally enhanced.What to look for: Hair that is pulled back at the sides showing the ears in full.Shorter styles were also introduced, but knots, ringlets and additions of false hair supplemented the shorter styles. Elaborate hairstyles with lace, ribbons and flowers.Is it possible to determine whether a photograph was taken in the last years of the nineteenth century or the first few years of the twentieth century? Dating a photograph requires you to use your best genealogical research techniques, but it can be done.You need to research every photographic clue and follow the leads to uncover the truth that is usually hidden in the elements of the photograph. Photographs offer many clues about ancestral lives, if you know what to look for. Then, using a magnifying glass, sweep across the image making notes of any details.This is necessary to 'pay the bills.' To date, revenues have severely lagged behind expenses.

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What to look for: Hair parted down the center with hair drawn behind the years tightly into a bun worn at the back of the head, sometimes with lace, flowers, netting or arranged in braids and loops.

If you spend enough time online interacting with distant cousins you discover on genealogy websites, you will undoubtedly eventually find someone who has amazing photos they are willing to share with you.