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Several heroes split from the main Justice League over dissatisfaction with the League's association with the United Nations.

These characters form their own Justice League, based out in Mount Thunder, Colorado.

He wanted to give 7th–12th graders a summer camp—an affordable one—where they could learn about Christ and do what teens do best: have fun.

And he thought the campus of Pensacola Christian College would be the perfect place.

Most television shows for audiences younger than 25 are written by people significantly older than the target demographic. It is when these writers attempt to co-opt the culture of the younger generation that the trouble starts. Either it's out of date (usually from the writers' own childhood), awkwardly misused, or just used far too frequently in the dialog.

They lead their team through competition game time and share the Word of God during nightly devotions.

, “Everyday” is the fourth song to serve as a single.

The track, which features the rapper Future, had previously been given a lyric video, where Grande switched up her signature ponytail look, instead opting for  Rapunzel-like locks, and it’s safe to say we were pretty darn obsessed." data-reactid="24", “Everyday” is the fourth song to serve as a single.

Last Wednesday my mom, sister, my moms friend, her daughter and I went on a nice little trip to the Smoky Mountains.

I never meant to be gone so long, I had lots of stuff planned for last week, but things went a bit awry.

The Smokies are so beautiful this time of year, mountains look like they are on fire from all those beautiful leaves.