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Previous DVD releases in the States had been issued by A&E and have resulted in many complaints regarding the poor picture quality of the contents.

You can look elsewhere on this site for my own opinions on A&E's efforts, or simply look under the comments section on for any of the various A&E issues of the show.

Low-budget psycho thrillers in the 1970s were like buses: if you missed one, you only had to wait 20 minutes before another would roll through town.

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The most well-known 1950s housewife today is perhaps Mad Men’s Betty Draper, the immaculate ice-queen, whose boredom and discontent can be excruciating to watch. ” It was remarkable to see not one, but two fashion designers adopt the 1950s housewife look at London Fashion Week a few days ago.

It’s not often that you meet a woman today who would describe herself as a housewife.