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06-Aug-2017 10:41

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How can I configure it so that it will directly download the message in full without clicking on it first?

Up until Outlook 2007, by default an IMAP account will indeed be set to “Download headers only”.

Outlook offers the capability to download only the e-mail header, which includes the sender and the subject of the e-mail, and display these onscreen before downloading the message itself. To configure Outlook to download only the e-mail headers, do the following: 1.I configured my account as an IMAP account and noticed that it will only download the message when I actually click on the message.This is actually quite annoying when I’m not connected to the Internet at that time.As a result of a fairly lengthy and intense investigation of Outlook 20: Outlook does *not* include full and accurate headers when you forward spams as attachments.

It reorders the Received headers, which makes them untrustworthy, as well as deleting/not forwarding other headers including X-headers, which is of less importance but which may loose some valuable information needed by ISPs/hosting companies.It is possible to have different setting for each folder in an account, so, for example, you could set Outlook to download only headers in a folder that you know gets a large volume of e-mails.