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09-Dec-2017 04:56

A San Francisco-based security firm called Lookout has created a product (illustrated) that will send victims of smartphone theft a photo of the person who has snatched their phone.The photo, known as a 'theftie' will also be accompanied by a map of the device's location So the Theft Alert service sends the victim an email with a photo of the thief and a map of the device's location within minutes, to give the victim the best chance of recovering their handset - and with it, private information.This phone will only work with 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz It’s unlocked for worldwide use, customers please take a check to see if your local area network or the communication operator you are using is compatible with this phone before purchase.

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The stolen phone’s camera will be triggered when a thief enters a wrong password, turns the device off or takes out the SIM card - accidentally taking a selfie, which is emailed to the phone's registered owner.So, while we would like to rely on encryption as a clear indication that there are no Skype calls recorded (at least by Skype), that’s not a conclusion we can make.

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