No longer lonely dating site

26-Jan-2018 22:10

No Longer You never know what nut jobs you’ll meet off a dating site or online.

No Longer Lonely practically gives you the heads up, inviting users to interact amongst other mentally ill adults.

If there are any problems on the site they usually get sorted out pretty quickly.

The atmosphere there is generally very good, and as I said the idea of the site is great, as people with mental health issues can often be a bit isolated by their condition/situation, and so this is a very good way to find some company.

Attaching too importance to even worry or make a tweet on twitter when you qualify.

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"On bigger dating sites the competition is tremendous," says Jim Houran, Ph D, a clinical psychologist and columnist for Online Dating Magazine.

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nolongerlonely is a badly moderated site, its chatroom is full of gutless trolls who abuse and threaten everyone who is new and if you stand up for yourself and give it back they cry and complain, they got everyone they knew to block me via mass message then tried to get me kicked off by the mod when that all failed they tried to send me a virus!

And here we thought the point of date sites was to find a dime piece who wasn't .

( -- Lana, a 38 year-old publicist in Los Angeles, California, was diagnosed with genital herpes in 1997.

Together these sites now boast tens of thousands of members.

Hey, i just lurk here some times and just wondering if any one ever used it and what people think of it. Things might have changed now though and the site probably has more users. There was nobody local to me or near my age, and found the site didn't have many members.

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