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It is actually a camera based on their TAU camera but stripped of unusable features to the hobbyist and pro-sumer and a recorder and Bluetooth added.

The built in recorder is simple and uses a standard micro SD card and one button control on the side of the camera. The only set up I really had to do as far as the camera goes was to attach it to my Team Black Sheep Discovery, map the PWM controls on my TX and flyyyyy.

Also that sequence basicly shows how unconfortable the VB can be.

My guess is that we can expect VB Virtual Console on 3DS in the Future and I bet the will tell everybody how easy it is to play VB games on 3DS.

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You can even start or stop the recording through the app. With my transmitter I can change color pallets (like white-hot to black-hot for example among others) start/stop recording, take still pictures along with other features. Another feature I added to the system was a very simple and cheap servo controlled gimbal from Hobby King.Officially, impresionism is about light, coming out, to get the light, but also about night-life, bars, theaters and cabarets, it is amazing to see how these women artists develop an alternative story because they were ot able to go outside alone to paint excess and luxury. I am interested in how the internet facilitates a network of references and information crossing, which -for thinking pictorial language- is a tool, an incredible catalyst, to reconfigure the history of art not in the modernist idea of the avant-garde evolving by great masters divided by regions, but we can paint as subjective tissues of the layers of meaning and constant reproduction, a massive fluid that inhabit the painting beyond the hegemonic axes of market or academia.There is a feminist dimension in this type of art herstory like a hidden treasure. You sometimes say that painting has been forever changed by the internet and that you look for a bigger concept of what painting can be by way of prints, clothes, video, gifs and installations. In my installations I conceive painting as a body free from any special carcase, and another relationship with the object as with the image.Additional embellishments come in the form of a chrome clipped wrist strap, locking clasp and a metal Bunny badge which is used to drive the Playboy brand as a fashion icon, but yet still remains in the world of adult shindigs and exclusive clubs.

No pricing for these cases has been announced as yet, but given the popularity of Playboy as a brand in jewellery, fashion and perfume and the limited nature of the release, don’t expect them to be cheap!I dont think the piece end in the borders of the canvas, I like to decorate and rethink the gallery as metaphores of something else beyond the white cube: this is now a house with a bed and a place to eat, this are visual experiments: what if the painting is not surrounded by the white wall but instead is hug by a bear: is the geometry tender?