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setup: From: fernando derossi [email protected] gmail To: [email protected] gmail Date: 1 February 2014 Subject: URGENT FOOD STUFF SUPPLY NEED FOR REFUGEES Signed by: gmail Dear Sir: My company has been mandated to look for a company capable of supplying food stuffs product listed bellow by the AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHT AND REFUGEES PROTECTION COUNCIL (AHRRPC) for assisting of the refugee within the war affected countries IN middle east and Africa like MALI, SYRIA, SOMALIA, CENTRAL AFRICA, and SOUTH SUDAN, which after going through your company's profile, have decided to know if your company is interested.Below are the list of food Stuffs and the targeted value needed by (AHRRPC) ...Below you will find ownership information, better known as WHOIS information, for IP address 2.14.The details provided on this page can be used to contact the owner in case of a security issue like spam, phishing or hacking.

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In generalities, the US alleges that Russian nationals hacked into the Democratic National Conventions systems, and through a series of campaigns, were able to leak internal documents that were a bit damning.

Many believe there was a direct influence into the results of the election, therefore messing with our need for a pure and ‘internal’ election.

T-Mobile, O2 and Orange the number to report to is 7726 ("SPAM").

Vodafone customers should use 87726 ("VSPAM") and Three customers should use 37726 ("3SPAM").First is the writeup: Security Briefing Then the STIX: STIX Documents Then a PDF: PDF Documents These are a mix of analysis and marketing, in my opinion. There is a ton of useful information in that PDF that describes that context around these attacks.