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28-Aug-2017 19:33

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There is nothing we can do about that, you will need to reinstall a version of Windows where updates are working properly.

FPS drops/stutter when using the mouse and/or keyboard This is likely caused by a file being blocked by the AC that is constantly trying to reload into the game, and thus cause stuttering.

The ati2file is used by ATI Radeon Windows NT based drivers and can sometimes cause a conflict within Windows.

The reason why it causes errors is mainly due to the way in which this file, and the driver it’s part of, is either outdated or incompatible with your system.

Most GNU/Linux distributions handle this through their package-management tools.

Hi, I have an MSI GS60 laptop with windows 8.1 64bit.

The exact details that appear differ from each computer as they are unique in their build and operating system.

In short they are ways that -- when it comes to system updates -- GNU/Linux beats Windows.

Intelligent systems will download and update those at the same time.